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7 Things to Check Before Choosing A Venue For An Event

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Banquet halls can be epitomized as a “bank of memories” especially when it comes to weddings. This is said so because the time shared in the banquet halls are ones that simulate heaven and they leave people happy and with satisfaction and contentment.

Indian wedding is an enormous and elaborate event and involves numerous rituals, functions, decorations, food and of course a lot of fun. Everyone has their dreams and aspirations as to where the “Big Day” will be celebrated in a very beautiful way at a reasonable price. Wedding planning is a time-consuming decision and an important one to boot. The venue decides how well the event is going to be and sets the mood of the entire day. Choosing the perfect banquet hall, thus becomes imperative for the success of the wedding ceremony.

Understandably, making choice of venue can be a bit intimidating as it can be hard to know what to look for when selecting a venue. Before you begin your Marriage-Hall search you must take note of:

  1. Budget
  2. Number of Guests
  3. Event Type

Once you have a clear vision of these things, you can begin your search for a venue. Finding the right venue for your event can take up quite a bit of your time. Thankfully we have few shortcuts to help you save time:

  1. Theme and Style of your Wedding:

Do you want a typical Traditional Wedding/ Royal Wedding/ Destination Wedding/ Theme Wedding? This decision will be vital and lead you to choose a venue that fits in your criteria.


  1. Location:

Where is the wedding, your hometown or at your fiancé’s? The location is the prime factor as it is decisive of guests’ convenience. If it’s a destination wedding, you must make sure of the proper accommodation & transportation to help guests reach the venue. Don’t forget to include a guide map with a wedding card so that the destination could be located with ease.

You can also choose Wedding Lawns or Party Lawns for a big day.


  1. Parking Space and Overnight Accommodation:

Venue with a parking lot add an extra privilege for your guests; the convenience of parking their vehicles with ease and security is the most important aspect that cannot be overlooked.

Overnight Accommodation at the venue can prove convenient and beneficial for guests coming from a long journey.  Guests will appreciate if they get the place to lodge for relaxing.


  1. Ambiance and Acoustics:

Pay special attention to the existing decor inside the venue. The more the ambiance matches the desired feeling of your event, the less decorating you’ll need to do to make up for it.

Have you ever attended an event at a venue that was so loud, it was hard to hear others? That’s caused by poor acoustics.  With good acoustic design at the end of the night, there will be lots of guests hanging around, engaging in good conversation, and enjoying the wedding reception for what it’s really all about.


  1. Capacity and Comfort:

If you’ve followed our advice, you already know how many attendees to expect. You will need to know the room capacity of the venue for a few reasons. First, for general and practical reasons, 500 people can’t comfortably fit into a room with a 250-person capacity. And second, there are fire and safety codes that the venue has to abide by.


  1. Services and Amenities:

In addition to the appearance of the site, it is also important to take into consideration the services and amenities that the venue offers.

Here are following things you should consider:

  1. Guests Management
  2. Setup/ Clean-up Crew
  3. Audio-Visual Equipment


  1.  Food and Catering:

A perfect banquet hall will help you to choose a proper menu for your visitors. With all the hustles that transpire during wedding plans, it will be a good idea to choose a banquet hall that has a catering and a good reception service.

Alternatively, you should have the liberty to choose a caterer to prepare and serve delicious food for your guests.


As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing your event’s venue. However, if you take the above into consideration when doing your research, you’ll find the perfect venue for your event.

Renting a Marriage Hall saves you from the trouble of cleaning up and decorating the entire household.

Marriage halls being more spacious makes your guests more comfortable than being suffocated in the congestion in your home.

If you stay in a crowded place, your guests will have a tough time parking their vehicles. Most banquet halls in Mumbai have separate parking lots, thus saving you from the hassle of arranging parking spaces for your guests’ vehicles.

Banquet Hall with aesthetic Ambience will set up a great tone for your auspicious occasion.


So, once you decide a right venue, now it is a step for you to consider how to keep your attendees informed with up-to-date information and how to engage them and get their feedback to make the event run more smoothly.