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Saptapadi or Seven Vows in Hindu Wedding

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Saptapadi or 7 vows of Hindu marriage


The word Saptapadi is derived from Sanskrit meaning seven steps. It is the most important ritual in Hindu marriage ceremony. These are even called as 7 vows of Hindu wedding. These seven vows are seven promises which every couple makes to each other. There is a ritual in Hindu wedding during which the couple holds each other hand and tie a knot and takes seven rounds around the sacred fire and makes these seven promises is also known as ‘Saat phere’. It marks one’s true entry into adulthood, marking him or her fit for taking on the responsibility of well-being of his or her life partner. As per Hindu wedding the couple getting married gives these seven promises to each other to make their marriage successful.


1. First Promise – Fulfil basic needs

To cherish, earn and provide food, shelter & welfare to our family. Groom takes this pledge to share the responsibility of providing basic amenities for his family.


2. Second Promise- Always supportive

To build courage and strength and always be there in times of Joy or sorrow. Bride assures and promise to be always with her husband in times of every ups and downs of their lives.


3. Third promise – Help to grow

To always help to grow and preserve our wealth and prosperity. The couple promises each other to satisfy ones need and help in growing their wealth and bring prosperity.


4. Fourth promise – Serve happiness

To serve you with happiness and harmony. The couple pledge togetherness, love and happiness for each other at every given point of time for whole of their lives.


5. Fifth Promise – Wellness and care of loved ones

To take care of our household things and our children. Couple promises to take care of each of their family members and loved ones.


6. Sixth promise – Loyal and committed

You are mine and I am yours for eternity. Each one promises to be loyal and committed making a partner as his or her the first priority in life.


7. Seventh Promise – Friends Forever.

To be with each other for rest of their life. Couple promise to understand each other, believe each other honestly, make a good bonding and an unending relationship filled with compassion and companionship.


It is also believed that when marriage is solemnised the soul mates are bonded with for their next seven lives and be with each other forever. Today the weddings are becoming bigger and better. No matter how much you spend on your marriage but these rituals are most important part as per Hindu marriage culture. The ways of doing these rituals may vary as per region, language and its tradition, but the basic remains the same.